Some days are better and some are worse, it has been a nightmare the worst thing I have ever been through. Michel51: Sorry i was reading your story and i too can relate to everything all of u are going through, i also tried to break up the gaba by taking 1/2 in the am and 1/2 at night,,,this made it worse,,,i was in a complete fog,,,i only was taking 300 mg at night ( i thank my God that i wasnt able to handle it 3x daily as prescribed),,,i had multiple back surgeries and was left with nerve damage,,,i was and am on oxycodone at the same time,,,as i lowered pain med a little at a time i kept waking with severe wd,,,i figured i needed to level out,,,i cit myself slack but after 4 weeks i was still having terrible wd every morning,,,i prayed for God to reveal what is going on? It's the drug, not you. I have asked myself, Why did it happen to me? Id never taken illegal drugs, never smoked, and rarely had a mixed drink. Horrible intense burning every time I wake up and since i am not sleeping great, that could be 3-5 times per night. Like the person in the article, I started and tried to stop this drug more than once. All of this was when I was taking the gab, the real hell started when I got off it!! Gabapentin is also used to manage a condition called postherpetic neuralgia, which is pain that occurs after shingles. They often cancel out each others effects or antagonise them. I'm going to try separating my 900 mg which is 300 at a time. the burning was pretty intense so I would use Tinactin spray to cool my feet off at night or put them in cold water. Since gabapentin withdrawal I can feel a rain or snow storm two days before it rolls in to my area. My doctor says no, but at this point I am beginning to think this will last forever. I believe you said your not terrified to be on it! thank you for your kindness I send you many prayers and blessings. We may take in a movie this weekend to get out for our wedding anniversary. I gave all the people in my life like 4-6 gabapentin capsules to keep for me should they find me on the floor in a shaking fit or unable to talk, they all new to open and drop under my toungue or even rectally but under no circumstances short of a cracked open head, busted hip or simular tramma of an urgent nature. And dont worry, Healthsoothe doesnt bite. Ive never taken it! So and then I thought wait a minute the only difference made was the Neurontin. I'm still taking 900mg a day been off 300mg for about 7 weeks. I pray we all get through this mess! I have never had my life ruined by Gabapentin, but I will drop the experiences some have passed through with Gabapentin, and how this relates to the issue of Gabapentin ruined my life.. Have binged on it on a few separate occasions after that, but its well over 3 months since I took any. Most typically recommend a too-fast taper or even a cold turkey. I am so angry that she threw me on this with out knowing what was really wrong! The muscle and joint pain in some people get so bad that it ends up affecting their normal life activities. Then and only then would I take another 100 off. Patient is a UK registered trade mark. I feel like each gabapentin prescription should come with free coupons for a spa day and cognitive therapy, because after what you go through, you will surely need it. My pcp told me oh the gaba has to be out of your system! It's like I WILLINGLY poisoned myself for the last 6 or 7 years. so finally I went back to the doctor and he put me on 600 more milligram at night. Everything I read said that they will not help through these withdrawals as another part of the brain is being affected but a friend convinced me to just try it. Type above and press Enter to search. Not sure if you meant you are terrified to stay on it!! it will take 34 weeks for each of the 4 times a day so 136 weeks. It gets really hard to follow all of these. For a week or two, Gabapentin can be phased out. Do not increase the dosage to catch up with the missed doses. Some people get away with mild side effects, while others suffer terribly. If it doesn't work for you then either reduce, increase or . I'm terrified!! We each have our own type of WD symptoms, but there's a broad range which can occur. That was a very quick drop, so you may have a tougher WD than tome. Someone wrote they were sending prayers my way. I wish I would have researched it before I went on it! I took 900mg for 3 months and I swear it almost killed me!! Read as much as you can from support groups as you can. Gabapentin is a fairly safe medication when people take it according to a doctors instructions. You're not a miserable person. Using medications which can affect your brain is not something ideal and should not be encouraged unless it is absolutely necessary to do so. Hi Alicia, thanks for the info on Butter bur and Ribaflavin. If I wasnt sure.Id take it. That greatly diminishes gabapentin's potential danger to adults. Aw, maan.. It is embarrassing to admit, but I lived in my p.j. My face started flushing (multiple times per day for hours) during the taper. Why do you want to go off of it?Are you afraid of what could happen long term? They're usually mild and go away by themselves. You have found a good place mentally. It's often 300 mg/day for a few days, then increasing over several weeks or days. Unfortunately, there are some serious adverse effects associated with the use of gabapentin which may include suicidal thoughts, depression, and breathing problems. I had really shaky hands and was dropping and spilling things all over, precision movement was difficult, and I couldnt even write properly. Pregabalin is a Schedule V controlled substance, which means it . Someone wrote telling me that my physician did not make me go on gabapentin and I had the ability to go off the drug at any time. Gabapentin will also stay in your system for longer than this. Personally I just hope a year or so being healthy and abstaining from everything mind-altering will help me get normal. Hang in there and youll have this year behind ya and be free. People who want to taper off of gabapentin safely, use the Ashton Manual as a framework. Why Your Nipples Are Sore and Cracked from Breastfeeding? The internal nerve shaking that accompanies the pain is beyond annoying. Children (3-11 years of age): Dosing for children will depend on the childs weight. Due to the bioavailabilty of the drug, if you're on a high dose like 2700 or 3600, if you drop 300 that month, you'll do OK. Egton Medical Information Systems Limited. at that time I was on 600 mg at night. I hope everyone of us on here gets through this nightmare! Just one drug left me with an entire disease to deal with., Gabapentin completely ruined my life. There is actually little that will help, except time, rest and patience. I wish someone had warned me. how are you doing now? As I said, it didn't help nearly enough, but I thought I'd mention it in case you wanted to try it. The ignorance and misunderstanding about this drug by the medical "professionals" is tragic and inexcusable. If you experience seizures, shortness of breath, or other serious symptoms, call 911 or seek medical attention immediately. I have no symptoms of depression or hopelessness anymore. as being in breach of those terms. Gabapentin belongs to a class of drugs called anticonvulsants. In the past I have quit xanax, alcohol, cocaine and a few others and those drugs were a cake walk compared to Gabapentin. Peggy, it's not your fault. One such condition is called the Restless leg Syndrome. I wonder how many lives have been ruined by neurontin, i took 100 mg of gabapentin for 6 weeks i went cold turkey at 75 mg 7 weeks ago i am still crying almost everyday Did the zoloft help with your depression if so how much were you on? Some people have been on it for years! I have never given thought to what will happen when all the people hit the wall of gabapentin withdrawl. Remember the schedule is flexible and your comfort is important. I was basically a basket case! Final thoughts from Healthsoothe on the issue of how Gabapentin ruined my life. To me its very alike. In this article, we will be sharing some of those stories. In some conditions, dose escalation helps, but some meds cause terrible side effects and can not be increased. I was always on the edge and needed constant validation on how things were okay. I hope your withdrawal is going well. People telling others not to take this medication need to knock it off. I suffered from terrible side effects and I had to discontinue the treatment as there was literally no way I could bear that horrible drug., I had been on gabapentin since my teenage years and it did control my seizures well. Some might be serious or bothersome enough to stop taking the medication. Gabapentin is dangerous and not a catch all alternative to see if it works. If I wasn't told it will get better and stop eventually I don't know what I would do. Does the phrase Gabapentin ruin my life make sense to you now? How hard could it be? I drink alcohol once or twice a ye, Another gabapentin user who had a horrible experience wrote Within hours of starting Gabapentin 400 MGmy feet and hands started swelling and my pain level increased twofold. i would say it was about 10 days of it being intense. Gab has a short half life so it's normally prescribed as 3 times a day so there's a steady amount in your body. I don't know how long it has been since you discontinued the gabapentin, but hang in there. Pain in the upper shoulder, tingles in chest, muscle cramps, low memory, hot and cold flashes, nausea with vomiting, anxiety with constant heart palpitations, flu.. All these went away after a couple weeks, my only problems now are depression and emotional issues. I hope it's not permanent that would be terrible. Company registered in USA & NIGERIA by, How Gabapentin ruined my life and how I recovered, How Gabapentin ruined my life Read what other people said on this. Yet, the doctors know very little about it and just keep prescribing it. So if you have overdosed or someone close to you has overdosed, consult your healthcare provider immediately. The prime reason why gabapentin ruined my life is because of its terrible withdrawal effects. Symptoms or side effects of gabapentin withdrawal are known to be severe, and I will soon be listing these side effects. Good luck to everyone trying to discontinue gabapentin. I wrote in large black market on paper, and posted above my television "It's not you, it's just the gaba leaving your body" it's my mantra now. You have choices here and you need to decide what is best for you. This medication is a prescription medication and should be taken only at doses determined by your healthcare professional. I do get shaky the weakness is horrible also. I've learned SO much there. clumsiness or unsteadiness. Very sweet and thoughtful from someone I never met. that is terrible. I tried coming off of gabapentin. From what I've been able to gather, it's . I was on 900 mg grams for 3 months! when i took the last dose, the very next day the stomach pain was completely gone. Ifound under its rarer side effects that it can cause permanent uncontrollable movement disorders. Yeah, it does. The elimination of gabapentin through the kidneys can cause local impairment and increase the risk of toxicity. Even my pain management doctor who claims she has CRPS told me to drop 600 mg at a time. Also impatient and generally resentful and even hateful. Some interfere with metabolism or bioavailability (the rate and extent at which the active drug moiety enters systemic circulation/blood). I have been pretty much on my own with this except a few people who have talked to me on this site, and sometimes I don't hear back from anyone. Harmful effects can also include problems with breathing and mental status changes. This is a ling hard road. Posted Here is why and how I lost trust in this medication. When one gets to the lower doses (less than 3x300=900mg/day), the drug has more efficacy, so many only taper 5% or less. Nausea, vomiting, and dizziness start to intensify with time. Some days I feel a bit better, but this long cold winter had been difficult. It is impossible to predict how your body will react once it is exposed to this medication. Symptoms can include: Changes in behavior and thinking, especially in children ages 3 to 12 years. I hope it gets better for you. Because being so dizzy and nauses. Sweating, confusion, not able to sleep, shaking, nausea, heart palpitations, pain, etc. I never could build up a tolerance for taking it in the daytime. I started my wean off 3600 mg in August 2017 having no idea of the severity of tapering. Very sweet and thoughtful from someone I never met. Healthsoothe is the leading source for trustworthy and timely oral health and medical news and information. I keep feeling like its something worse that i need to see a neurologist for.. Now, I am realizing that I am not alone or crazy. 14Nevertheless, you have done well tosharewith mein my affliction. It has a short half life. Coming off gabapentin was an actual living hell. The state of relaxation helps you to think wisely. For seizures, it may alter the effect of calcium (low levels of calcium may cause seizures). Barres noted that he and his colleagues found that gabapentin does not dissolve pre-existing synapses, but only prevents formation of new ones. I'm having a REALLY bad problem this month with it, today more than other days. It just depends on the method of detection that is used in a drug test. With every reduction came all the withdrawl symptoms all over again but as I got closer to the end Id have about 5-7 hard days rather than a whole 2-3 weeks of it. So fed up of the brain fog,forgetting names/where i was in a sentence. Some of the common side effects are: The moment you stop your dose of gabapentin, you may show signs of some frequently faced withdrawal symptoms. The slower the titration down, the better when it comes to gabapentin. Feel free to contact us at [emailprotected] if you have further questions to ask or if theres anything you want to contribute or correct to this article. The anxiety is new in my life but the depression is overwhelming. 1) Even with taking it at 5 or 6 pm with food I would sleep for 14-17 hours 2)I could not remember things, I could not think straight. I pray to God it's only a few months, and not the year plus that others have described. But until that brain snapped back to "being me", I don't think all of that would have made as much of a difference. i seem to be "some people". If it doesn't show up, I'll re-post it. I have never had an issue coming off anything and i have been on what is considered "highly addictive". My hands shake a bit but my mind is already alot clearer so it's worth it. Gabapentin and/or Lyrica ruined my life. How quickly did you drop and by how much? Dont stop taking gabapentin without first discussing it with your doctor. Maybe but my brain and body has not healed yet! Before you decide to stop this medicine, theres some important safety and risk information for you to consider. This medication is indeed associated with some side effects that can scar you for life. Currently experiencing the same head pressure. Our evaluation shows that the use of such medicines, often referred to as gabapentinoids, has been growing for prescribed medical use, as well as misuse and abuse. Thank you. I was given Gabapentin to help with my depression along with my Wellbutrin. These medications should be taken at evenly spaced times throughout the day and night; no more than 12 hours should pass between doses. I believe the experience has taught me the hard way about patience, the importance of faith, and the importance of optimal physical strength for any given malody. My doctor went into complete denial that it caused my adverse reaction, even though he was called within an hour after it occurred. problems with thinking, memory, attention, and reaction. Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. Why is it Cheaper to Use an Insurance Broker? Hey, sorry I didnt respond, just saw this now when I started researching this drug again. I keep fighting it everyday. I don't even know how to explain but reading your post about your mind not functioning right..feeling off in the head like brain damage.. It manages the excessive and involuntary movements associated with this condition by controlling the excessive neuronal activity in your brain. This can lead to drug accumulation in different parts of the body. I started my ween I 10-17. As of last week , I had an egd and it was qualified that I know got gastritis. However,gabapentinshares characteristics of medications associated with misuse andaddiction, in that it produces a withdrawal syndrome and certain psychoactive effects. don't give up it'll be worth it to be free of it. The withdrawal symptoms may show their emergence as soon as 12-48 hours or even late to weeks. A doctor will likely: Offer dietary and lifestyle advice, particularly if weight gain from Gabapentin is a concern, Advise the individual not to drive or operate heavy machinery while taking gabapentin, Recommend over-the-counter medications that can help with some common side effects. In terms of recovery from gabapentin, it can take up to two years if you had a very difficult withdrawal. I was perscribed it for Neuropathy, and just found out it is also perscribed for BiPolar patients, though the Trazadone and paroxatene was doing fine. Well Im praying for all of you guys to get off of this junk and feel human again. Do not recommend this drug to someone else and use it as long as your doctor has advised. He is on board with me NOT going on the lyrica. Little did I know, I had to pay a long list of prices for being on this medication. Im also wondering if this will ever end! I know it scared the hell out of me! Tapering off will help you avoid side effects. These include: Xerostomia or dry mouth Weight gain Dizziness Somnolence Swollen hands and feet Headache Vision problems Cloudy mind Fatigue Tremors Confusion Joint pain Difficulty in remembering things Abdominal pain Unsteadiness Muscle twitching The day I took my last dose my pain skyrocketed, but the pain has changed from low back to toes pain, to pain mostly to my anterior legs below my knees. This goes on for a long time. I have been an RN for 42 years. Side effects like allergic reaction, fever, nausea, tremors, or double vision, Withdrawal symptoms such as sweating, dizziness, fatigue, headaches, and others. They claim these are better because they build in the blood stream over time. Consult your doctor, physician, or pharmacist on how to use Gabapentin safely. A law suit of 146 million didn't stop them before so I doubt it will stop them now. I did not have any problems or side effects from taking it except for the weight gain. I have contemplated trying pot but haven't done it yet, but reading that it helps so many people maybe it's worth it. Some days do get the best of me. Then one day, I was really down, and was frustrated and despondent. It is extremely important to ensure safety of your meds during your pregnancy. How hard could it be? Make sure you immediately report to your healthcare provider if you exhibit any sign of an allergic reaction or any unusual side effect. This is indeed an upsetting condition. I never thought it would take so long to start feeling better. Depending on a few factors, the best way to treat ED from gabapentin is either by changing or reducing the medication, using a PDE5 inhibitor like Viagra or Cialis, a vacuum erection device, or self-injection ED therapy. Filter by condition Gabapentin rating summary 6.0/10 average rating 183 ratings from 192 user reviews. Dont get me wrong. 177 users are following. God bless! Nothing much will happen. My face and arms burn. Please note that Gabapentin cannot cure epilepsy, but it can be used to prevent seizures. I also find I burp alot even if I don't eat. Though not technically addictive, dependency can happen very quickly. Second one is from G.Allyn: My plan was to write about my extremely painful and unexpected withdrawal experience after I felt better, but it has been FIFTEEN months. Inform your doctor if youre pregnant or trying to conceive. My physician put me on a six day weaning schedule. Thats what led to writing down every dose and time and date. Im glad we have more online sites to find Patient reviews. I got from 2700mg to being off it in a few weeks I think I'd sooner suffer the pelvic pain rather than taking gaberpentin. I heard Lyrica is just as bad! I'm expecting something wonderful to happen soon and I don't want to be poisioning my body with this garbage. You are on a high dose to me anyway! by JosiahI too went through the awful nightmare when I quit gabapentin. Gabapentin can also be used for the treatment, prevention and management of Restless leg syndrome. Ive been off gabapentin since last June and I am still a mess, my anxiety is off the charts and I never had anxiety before, my brain is just not working. If you want to stop taking your medication, do it under a doctors supervision while gradually decreasing your dosage. Overall rating 5.0. I feel destroyed right now and i wish that this passes. Gabapentin may cause other side effects. The knee jerks were sudden and the arm/hand dither caused me to knock stuff over too many times.The handwriting was getting spidery .I didn't feel like myself and waking up having emptied a whole cup of tea into my lap was no fun at all.I felt very wobbly and weak as though my legs wouldn't hold me up.
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